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Rank 103

Score 2393

Rating 63/100

Very easy

2 players

30 minutes

Age 10+

Year 1999

Categories: Card Game, Exploration
Mechanics: Hand Management, Set Collection
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This two player card game from Reiner Knizia, depicts two explorers in search of great wealth (or points at least) in up to five different excavation sites. For a site to be successful a player will need to unearth 20 points. To get 20 points you have to collect numbered cards valued between two to ten points. This is easier said then done since your opponent may be trying to collect the same cards, and there is only one of each card per site. All this work can be expensive, and the investors know that. If you can find them, they can help finance the expedition, but if you fail they'll multiply that site's penalty as well. The game is addictive. Look it up in a dictionary and you should find a picture of Lost Cities. OK maybe not, but this game is incredibly fast and easy to play. And you will play it over and over again. This game is great as a filler game, or as an introductory game for a newbie gamer. WARNING: If you have a wife or girlfriend, she will love this game and consistently beat you at it. It doesn't matter how great you are, or how you always win every other game you play. Lady luck simply favors the ladies, and she won't take bribes. I've tried. How about the overall value. Lost Cities is cheap, the cards hold up well, and the board is of nice quality. Since the game requires several playing rounds to reach a higher winning point total, it allows ample chances to catch up to your opponent. Although I always appear about two to five points shy. The theme of this card game is enjoyable and nicely interested on the cards, making it more than just a set building game. =Tips / Strategy : Do not play too many investor cards. The negative benefits of this card can cause you to loose points faster than it often adds to your point total. A good rule of thumb is to limit greed to three expeditions. This is often hard for me to accomplish. If you appear to have the upper hand, draw cards to bring the end of the round faster. If you need more rounds to finish playing cards from your hands, drawing cards from the discard pile is a great stalling tactic.